How to Stay in Touch with People

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In a world revolving around technology and smart devices, where social interactions are at the tip of our fingers, we could think that staying in touch with the people we care about, such as family and friends, is easier than ever. Paradoxically, many of us struggle when it comes to keeping contact with some of our loved ones. Work, studies, distance, introversion… there are many reasons that keep us from taking the time to drop a message or give a call.

Hopefully, there are simple methods that will greatly help you to stay in touch with the important people in your life, without much effort.

Managing your contacts

The idea is to keep the people you care about somewhere you can’t forget about them.

We’re all part of the digital age, which often means a ton of contacts clogging up our phone and friends list. So the first step is to manage your network of contacts to prevent the important ones, like your family and friends, from being masked by the crowd.

Start by identify the people you want or need to keep in touch with. Then gather their contact information in one unique place. It can be a dedicated app, your phone, your email account, an address book…Ideally you should be able to access it wherever you are, anytime you want.

Once you’ve decided where to put your meaningful contacts in, add them to a dedicated group such as your favourites, so you can easily access them all. Most contact applications offer grouping, and a “favourites” system.

When you’ve done that, the next step will be to make sure you message or call them regularly to avoid any distance being created between you.

Setting reminders

Your contacts are now secured and easy to access, but you need to actually reach out to people if you want to stay in touch with them.

The most efficient way is to use reminders. Choose a frequency (every two weeks for example, don’t forget to set reminders!) at which you’ll check your contact list. For every person you haven’t reached lately, set a reminder to contact them before the next checking session. Try to set your reminders at a moment you’re sure you can drop a message or make a phone call.

To reduce the risk of procrastination, you can use the don’t break the chain technique. Every time you don’t contact the person you’re supposed to reach, you break the chain and must start over.

Scheduling meetings

When your schedule is hectic, and you’ve got a hundred things to do, you don’t necessarily have time to chat or pay a last-minute visit. To be sure you regularly spend some time with the people you care about, the best thing to do is to schedule meetings. By “time-blocking” a moment to see (or call) each other you’ll avoid the procrastination trap.

Use dedicated apps like Doodle to easily find the best time and place to meet.

Everayday occasions

In your daily life, there are many little things that can become an occasion to reach out to people:

  • The news: it can be a good conversation starter, especially an unusual event.
  • The web content you browse: it can interest or amuse some of your contacts, don’t hesitate to send a link. Exchanging articles or videos are an easy and efficient way to keep in touch.
  • Anything that triggers a memory or remind you of someone: a location, a photo, a subject in an article…

Special occasions

Throughout the year, there’s going to be a plethora of events which gives you a reason to connect with family and friends. Think Easter, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, births, thanksgiving, Hanukah – the list is endless.

When those events do come around, don’t hesitate to send a message and begin a conversation, make a phone call, or even pay a visit. By making an effort with special occasions, you’ll be able to maintain and strengthen that special bond that you already have.

As usual, don’t forget to set reminders for the events you know are coming.

Pro-tip: some dedicated apps can help you manage your contacts and automatically remind you when you should contact someone. Check out Cloze.

Take action

  • Gather the contact information of the people you want or need to keep in touch with
  • Store them in a dedicated group such as your favourites
  • Choose a frequency at which you’ll check your contact list
  • For every person you haven’t reached lately, set a reminder to contact them before the next checking session


  • Strengthen your bonds with other
  • improve your social life
  • Don't lose touch with people

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